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       To know other than Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, you have to go back with  these names , Iddiaikadar, Arunakirinathar, Ramana Maharishi, Seshadhri Mahan, David Godman,  and Mookupodi swamikal

   The some important places in tiruvannamalai are astalingams, adi annamalai, manikavasakar temple, ramanasharam, virupatchi cave.

            Some tourist spots near Tiruvannamalai are.  Santhanur Dam.

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Tiruvannamalai Karthikai Deepam Festival 2018

11.11.2018 Arulmigu Durgaiamman Urchavam - Kamadhenu Vaganam

12.11.2018 Arulmigu Petaariamman Urchavam – Shima Vaganam

13.11.2018 Arulmigu Vinayagar Urchavam – Muchiga Vaganam

14.11.2018 Karthigai Deeapm First Day Festival Early Morning 5.00 Am To 6.15 Am in between Holy flag Hoisting , Morning Silver Vimanagal, Night Athikara Nanthi , Hamsa Vaganam

15.11.2018 2nd Day Festival Morning Arulmigu Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar Suriya Prabai Vaganam. Night PanchaMurthigal Silver Indiran Vimanam.

16.11.2018 3rd Day Festival Morning Arulmigu Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar Pootha vaganam . Night PanchaMurthigal Silver Anna Patchi Vimanam.

17.11.2018 4th Day Festival Morning Arulmigu Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar Naaga vaganam . Night PanchaMurthigal Silver Kamadhenu ,Silver Karpaga virutcham Vaganam.

18.11.2018 5th Day Festival Morning Arulmigu Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar Kanaadi Rishaba vaganam, Night PanchaMurthigal Silver Maha Rishaba vaganam.

19.11.2018 6th Day Festival Morning Arulmigu Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar Elephant Vaganam, 63 Nayanmargal Urchavam. Night Silver Radham

20.11.2018 7th Day Festival Morning 6.30 AM To 7.30 AM starting PanchaMurthigal Maha Radham (wooden Car) 

21.11.2018 8th Day Festival Morning Arulmigu Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar Kuthirai vaganam, Night PanchaMurthigal Kuthirai vaganam.

22.11.2018 9th Day Festival Morning Arulmigu Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar Purusha Muni Vaganam Night Kailasha Vaganam, Kaadhenu Vaganam

23.11.2018 10th Day Festival Early Morning 4.00 Am BHARANI Deepam Evening 6.00 pm MAHA DEEPAM Top of the Arunachalam Hill

24.11.2018 Night 9.00 pm Ayyan kulathil Arulmigu Chandrasekarar Theppal

25.11.2018 Early Morning Arulmigu Periya Nayagar GiriValam Night 9.00 pm Ayyan kulathil Arulmigu Barasakthi Amman Theppal

26.11.2018 Night 9.00 pm Ayyan kulathil Arulmigu Barasakthi Amman Theppal

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Inside Tiruvannamalai Temple

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Places around Grivalam Path

About Tiruvannamalai

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Important book about Tiruvannamalai in Pdf
Tiruvannamalai in Pdf
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Ramana Maharishi

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Saints of Tiruvannamalai

Arunagirinaadhar (Aruna-giri-naadhar, Tamilஅருணகிரிநாதர்) was a Tamil great saint-poet who lived during the 15th century in Tamil Nadu, India. He was the creator of Thiruppugazh ( meaning "Holy Praise" or "Divine Glory"), a book of poems in Tamil in praise of the Saivam God Murugan.

Seshadri Swamigal was born on January 22, 1870. As a child he had spontaneous trances. At age four Seshadri received his nickname, 'Golden Hand'

David Godman is the world's foremost researcher and scholar of Sri Ramana Maharshi's life and teachings. He has written or edited 16 books and numerous articles about Sri Ramana, Sri Ramana's direct disciples


Mooku Podi Siddhar மூக்கு பொடி சித்தர் is a sage who is living in Thiruvannamalai . He used to go for Girivalam (Mountain Walk) daily. Girivalam - Mountain Walking the Holy Hill Arunachala is considered as the Auspicious activity by the devotees of Lord Shiva. We can able to see Mooku Podi Siddhar around Girivalam Paths especially near Ramana Ashram, Seshadri Ashram, Veera Anjaneyar Temple. He doesn't accept any offerings from devotees. Some times, he used to get Mooku Podi (Tobacco Powder) from his devotees. He supposed to be siddhar and his blessings  is considered very auspicious

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